Sometimes, All We Need Is A Doll

Humans are so complicated these days and sometimes, all we need is a doll to make us warm during a cold rainy night. No one ever imagined that a doll can be an intimate partner. No one even expected that a doll can simplify things as they give relaxation and pleasure to a human being to the extent of being a sex partner to their owner and his friends (there are even instances where one became loyal to his own doll). That is why, if you are tired of having your nights alone and no one seems to be there for you. Have a doll to have the long nights cut short.

You Do Not Need To Be Drunk
Most people who are alone and have a lot of problems end up being drunk and just having pleasure for themselves without anyone. With a doll as a sex partner, you can go home straight and bypass the bar to have some sober sex with your beautiful partner—who is a sex doll made to look good and impress!

Come On, You’ll Like Them
No one can resist the new sex dolls being sold in the market today. There are dolls from made out of different concepts for hair color, eye color, skin color, body build, breast and buttocks shape and size, and even its race. They are close to reality. That only means that they can look like a real flawless model you always have fantasized your whole life.

If you are divorced, you can look for a doll that just looks like your ex-wife when she was still hot or resorts to a better-looking doll without the wrinkles, those moles, and those unnecessary pimples—they are perfect for you! You can even use it to make your ex jealous.

You Won’t Regret Purchasing One
One thing is for sure, you will not regret buying one. You can just put her on the bed and make use of her like how you use your blanket or on how you use your pillow—the only difference is, you can have sex with it.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Sex Dolls

Before, talking about using life-sized dolls for yourself has been really an edgy topic which is why not any of these dolls being sold in the market. However, nowadays you can actually find different types of dolls like these online. There are so many websites nowadays that offer you various types of dolls and in many different types of materials as well. The greatest advantage of the modern technology nowadays is that you can easily shop for dolls through websites and they can be delivered to you anonymously.

Bringing In Modern Life Sized Dolls

Before, when talking about sex dolls you would think about life sized dolls that have their faces painted on them as well as their hair and quickly molded body. However, nowadays, there are more types of life-sized dolls nowadays that are more than blow up dolls. The emergence of modern technology has contributed to the changes with these types of dolls. Nowadays you can find that engineers have found ways on how they could add robotics into the dolls.

The robotics enable the dolls to blink, to move their body parts, to have facial expressions, and even to speak. You can find that there are also some dolls that are built with artificial intelligence in them. It’s pretty interesting to find these modern dolls that try to break through the norm and introduce a whole new type of companionship to people who are looking for one. You can always check them out online when you want to see what they can do.

Try to look up what kind of budget that you have for these dolls. There are different types of such that you can buy such as the cheap ones, the mid-priced ones and the highly expensive ones. The cheaper ones would the types that you can find made up of vinyl and latex. Then you have the mid-priced ones that are much better than the cheaper ones. They have a better quality material and the hair of the dolls is usually clipped onto the doll rather than printed on the head. Of course, there are the high-end ones that have better quality in material and they also have better-molded body parts.

You can expect that the dolls would cost around $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the type that you buy. It would also depend on when you’re going for customized ones or regular ones that are readily available online.

Sexy Dolls and Sex Toys Galore 101

If you want your significant other to become one your one true love, then order some baby doll lingerie for Valentines’ Day and look like a sexy doll of sorts. This undergarment leaves little or a bit to the imagination depending on your needs. Sex toys, meanwhile, does more than just visually entice your man. Men are beings that are straightforward. They know what they enjoy. If they can’t get a girlfriend, they can end up buying sex dolls instead to curb their needs. They know what they favor and enjoy. If they can get a girlfriend, they might end up using sex toys to keep things fresh with their sex life. At first, comes first base (mouth-to-mouth kissing), second base (skin-to-skin touching), third, base (touching below the waste without intercourse or oral sex), and finally the home run (full-on intercourse). After that come the sex toys.

Is the Sex Doll a Sex Toy?

* A sex doll can be considered a sex toy, especially since many real dolls have fleshlights, throat pussies, and anal pockets available to them that you can have sex with. It’s like a sex toy combined with a mannequin. The individual parts of the sex doll can be considered sex toys of their own, as in the case of pocket pussies or Tenga. You can also avail of pillows with special holes in them for you to pleasure yourself with. Male sex toys are mostly for masturbatory purposes to stimulate the penis by having a lubricated hole to thrust into.

* A sex doll can even serve as your practice dummy before doing a real girl. It’s the same with women’s sex toys like the dildo, vibrator, and Sybian. A dildo is most any phallic-shaped object used to stimulate the vagina or the anal hole. The vibrator is the same thing but it has batteries in order to allow for vibration that further stimulates the vaginal or anal walls. Meanwhile, dildos can have bumps on them so that there’s stimulation from the head to the shaft when penetrating the vagina. Finally, a Sybian is a brand of vibrator you sit on.

* It has a dildo atop a motorized bench that vibrates the dildo with a stronger motor so that a girl can ride it cowboy style or reverse cowgirl. It’s something you can get if you don’t want to use your hands when thrusting a dildo or vibrator over and over your pussy. Gay men can also make use of these penetrative devices on their anus. Most sex toys for men are for the sake of heightening the pleasure and improving the confidence of the person using it.